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Laurocapram, a new skin penetrating agent


Practice has proved that laurocapram can safely promote the penetration and absorption of active ingredients on the skin. Among all transdermal penetration aids, so far, the most representative research application is laurocapram. Laurocapram is a new type of high-efficiency penetration enhancer, its characteristic is that it has a good promoting effect on many hydrophilic and lipophilic synthetic drugs and natural drugs.
Laurocapram takes caprolactam and bromododecane as raw materials, is heated to promote the reaction under the action of a catalyst, filtered, washed with water, dried, and finally obtained by distillation under reduced pressure. Now it has been widely used in hormone drugs, such as dexamethasone, clobetasol propionate, chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics for the treatment of skin diseases.
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