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Laurocapram/Triamcinolone Combination Improves Symptoms of Dermatitis

Adding laurocapram to treatment with triamcinolone, a steroid of intermediate potency, produces a significantly higher degree of improvement in the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis, compared to both steroid alone, and placebo control.
Incorporating laurocapram enhances the efficacy of triamcinolone, a treatment with proven usefulness in atopic dermatitis and combining the two treatments appears not to have any adverse effects on safety.
In a comparative trial, the combination also showed a greater overall improvement in disease status compared to either triamcinolone alone or a control vehicle formulation. Erythema, induration and pruritis all improved.
The trial, done by researchers at Cato Research Ltd. and the Dermatology Centre in Denver Colorado, US compared the effects of three formulations: triamcinolone, the triamcinolone-laurocapram combination and the vehicle control formulation. One hundred and fifty patients - 50 in each arm of the trial had the treatments applied twice a day for two weeks.
Response to the treatment was measured by looking at the change in disease severity six hours and three, eight and 15 days after the start of treatment. The global change in disease status was also measured.
Laurocapram, Azone, China top Laurocapram suppliers There were no differences in the numbers of treatment-associated side effects between the three groups - in fact the control group, which received the placebo vehicle control formulation had the highest number of side effects (six) compared to two for the steroid alone and three for the combination.
The researchers point out that atopic dermatitis is a chronic relapsing condition in Western countries affecting up to 14 percent of the population, with steroids the mainstay of treatment.